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Classification and application of rivets


Rivet is a kind of single rivet rivet, but requires the use of special tools -- riveter (manual, electric, pneumatic riveting). Such rivets are particularly suitable for the use of ordinary rivets (from the two sides of the riveting), it is widely used in construction, automobiles, ships, aircraft, machinery, electrical appliances, furniture and other products. The open type flat round head rivets smoke most widely used, countersunk head rivets used in riveting performance requires a smooth, sealed type blind rivet with high load and is suitable for the requirements of the sealing performance of certain occasions with riveting.

Flange rivet is another kind of riveting rivets, rivet, hammer percussion rivet head above the nail, the nail head face flush, the riveting operation is very convenient, especially suitable for the inconvenience of using ordinary rivets (must be from both sides to rivet) or rivets (lack of riveter the riveting occasion). Usually used buttonhead hammer core riveted countersunk head drive rivets for smooth surface need riveting occasion.

Rivet application


The use of rivets is very large, and now social rivets in addition to the production of buildings and so on, rivets are also used to clothing, clothing, etc.. Some clothing and bags [1] with some rivets, is liberal and dignified yet luxurious and elegant.