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Galvanized wire manufacturers rust small knowledge


Galvanized wire manufacturers in the production of hardware products, custody work in the main problem is to prevent corrosion. Metal corrosion is caused by the chemical or electrochemical effects of the surrounding medium. According to different media, divided into atmospheric corrosion, soil corrosion, seawater corrosion, bacterial corrosion and so on. Atmospheric corrosion is the most common, because metal products in the processing, transportation and storage process, are in contact with the atmosphere, there is always atmospheric corrosion conditions.
In the habit of metal in the atmosphere due to oxygen, water and other impurities caused by corrosion or discoloration, known as rust or corrosion. Rusty metal products, light affect the appearance of quality, seriously affect the use, and even lead useless, so in the custody of metal products, must be properly kept, pay attention to rust.
The main factors that cause metal rust:
Atmospheric relative humidity at the same temperature, the atmospheric water vapor content and water vapor saturation content of the percentage, known as the relative humidity. At a certain relative humidity, the corrosion rate of metal rust-proof oil is very small, but higher than the relative humidity, corrosion rate suddenly increased. This relative humidity is called critical humidity. The critical humidity of many metals is between 50% and 80%, while the critical humidity of steel is about 75%. The relative humidity of atmospheric has the greatest effect on metal corrosion. When the humidity in the atmosphere is higher than the critical humidity, the metal surface will appear water film or water droplets, if the atmosphere contains harmful impurities, dissolved in water film, water droplets, electrolytes and exacerbate corrosion.