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How to choose galvanized steel mesh


Galvanized steel wire mesh refers to the use of galvanized steel wire, after a number of mechanical process weaving processing network structure of the material. The galvanized steel wire refers to the 45, 65, 70 of these high-quality low-carbon structural steel for drawing, and then after galvanized processing. It can be divided into galvanized and hot-dip galvanized two. It has a smooth surface, smooth, no thorn, easy to scratch, easy to corrosion and other physical properties. And galvanized uniform, strong adhesion, more corrosion resistance and aesthetics. Mainly used for greenhouses, farms. Transport packaging and construction industry.

In accordance with the choice we need the type, such as the larger the wire diameter of its rugged stronger, if the cost allows the case, you can choose as strong as possible. And the size of the hole hole also need to choose according to their own needs. Some silk hole can be more intensive to play a certain anti-theft effect, and some silk holes can be used some of the less loose materials, the overall price cheaper.