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Steel Stair Riser

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Product description:Huanghua Baoyifeng Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Huanghua City, Hebei Province.,We have 4 factories: wire mesh factory, iron nail factory, wire drawning factory and pole anchor factory. The major products of wire mesh are welded wire mesh,woven wire mesh and fence; The major products of iron nails are common nail,round wire nails,roofing nail,clout nails,coil roofing nails,paper strip nails,and so on.For iron wire we can produce hot-dipped galvanized wire,PVC coated wire and annealed wire.For pole anchor the main products are galvanized pole anchor,PVC powder pole anchor,more details you can find in our products catalogue. All our products are exported.,We’re surely to make us win-win. Warmly welcomed to our factory!

Product details

The easiest way to build a solid and lasting staircase. Light and easy to manipulate, this 


stair frame is quickly installed. Designed in one piece, it is ready for steps. No more 


complicated assemblies!


This stair frame requires no maintenance due to its aluminum structure. Supports and 


reinforcements increase its solidity and safety. It will highlight your staircase and add 


a finishing touch to your house.


Can be used perfectly with steel, wooden, fiberglass, etc. steps and guard rails


Baked powder coating finish.